jueves, 18 de agosto de 2011

The house of the spanish model Eugenia Silva in Formentera.

As promised, another gorgeous Spanish home today! Also this house, that I found through French by Design, in located on Formentera.
It belongs to Eugenia, who works as a fashion model but she could also be an interior decorator. She did a fantastic job decorating this fabulous place. Isn’t this kitchen with gorgeous wooden table to die for?!
I love the rustic vibe. The rug, the pillows in various patterns and colors, the wooden furniture … everything fits perfectly.
The bedroom has a serene atmosphere, with beautiful black and white bedspreads. The outdoor areas (image below + top image) are perfect for outdoor eating and relaxing. I could picture myself there zipping from a cocktail!

martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

La maison pujol, france

 La Maison Pujol is a small (only 5 rooms) luxury bed and breakfast in the South of France. Architect and designer Philippe Phi has renovated this former winery into a stylish boutique hotel.
 Each of the rooms has been decorated with a vintage twist. The furniture is a eclectic mix of design classics, modern pieces and bric-a-brac finds. Vintage letters (I love them!) can be found on the exterior and interior of the hotel
The location of the hotel, surrounded by Cabardès and Minervois vineyards, is also breathtaking. You can find more information about rates and availability on the hotel’s website.

Renovated dutch farmhouse

 This farmhouse is situated in a Weesp, a small village not far for busy Amsterdam.
 The house was old and warn out when it was bought and an extensive renovation was needed.
 The owners successfully managed to keep authentic details but added all comforts of a modern house.
 The floors in the kitchen and living room are made of concrete.

A renovated farmhouse in the french countryside

 A lot of imagination and time was needed to transform this neglected farmhouse in France into a modern country home.
 Neutral tones and raw materials are the main ingredients that were used to decorate this gorgeous home. The sleek kitchen island (top image) is stunning.
 Designer pieces but also furniture and accessories from IKEA can be found in the various rooms. For example, the wicker pendants in the photo above are from IKEA
 Green, grey and brown shades have been used for the bedroom and hallways.
 The outdoor area is a perfect place for a sunny breakfast.

A renovated barn in the netherlands

 This neglected barn in The Netherlands has been beautifully renovated by Ina and Matthijs van Meijet Cruijsen. The living room (top image), as well as the rest of the house, is a great balance of rustic and contemporary. The large window offers a magnificent view over the Dutch countryside
 The combination of a modern lifestyle is reflected in the rustic ambiance of the house, especially in the kitchen (image below). Various materials and styles blend together in both rustic and contemporary. The bathroom (top right image) is located in the area were once hay was stored.

Beatiful summer house in Long Island, Usa.

lunes, 15 de agosto de 2011

Ines de la Fressange, party de campagne ..

Walks, relax, aperitif in the village, it is happiness on holiday as Ines de la Fressange. The new face of L'Oreal Paris loves to enjoy simple pleasures, surrounded by her daughters and friends. Meeting under the sun with a mother Zen and fun.
By Anne Diatkine. Stylist Chloe Dugast . Photos Benedict Peverelli

Pour Ines, plaid (Khadi and Co), chemise (Levi’s) et pantalon (Les Petites).
Pour Violette, T-shirt (Zef) et short (Bonpoint).
T-shirt (Sud Express) et short (Vanessa Bruno). Montre « Dandy » (Chaumet), bracelets (Dinh Van, Emmanuelle Zysman et Marie-Hélène de Taillac), nu-pieds (Giuseppe Zanotti Design).
Posées sur la nappe (Merci), lunettes (Emporio Armani). Nappe à carreaux (Khadi and Co).
Chemise (Comptoir des Cotonniers). Ceinture (D&G).

Chemise (Emporio Armani) et short (Thomsen). Montre (Chaumet), bague (Marie-Hélène de Taillac) et mocassins (Tod’s).
De haut en bas, panamas (Hermès, La Halle aux Chaussures, Stetson, CA4LA, Printemps, Soeur, Lafayette Accessoires, vintage). Pull (Bonpoint) et bracelets (Gas Bijoux et vintage).
Chemise (Khadi and Co) et short (Notify). Ceinture (Broe & Co chez Journal Standard Luxe), bracelets (Marie-Hélène de Taillac, Dinh Van et Emmanuelle Zysman) et bague (Marie-Hélène de Taillac). Chapeau vintage.
Pour Ines, chemise (Khadi and Co) et culotte de maillot (Emporio Armani). Pour Violette, tunique (Athé Vanessa Bruno). En transparence, maillot (Krama by K).
Chemise (Maje) et sarouel (Abraham Will au 66 Champs-Elysées). Au poignet droit, bracelets (Médecine Douce, Bonpoint et Gas Bijoux). Au poignet gauche, bracelets (Gas Bijoux et Merci). Bagues en PVC et diamant (Nessa by Vanessa Mimran).
Ci-contre et page de droite. Pour Ines, T-shirt (Good Year chez Journal Standard Luxe), pantalon (Shine) et ceinture (Broe & Co chez Journal Standard Luxe). Cabas (Roger Vivier) et mocassins (Tod’s). Pour Violette, chemise (Maje) et sarouel (Abraham Will au 66 Champs-Elysées). Chaussons (Surface to Air).
Pull et short (Soeur).
Chemise (A.P.C.) et pantalon (Isabel Marant Etoile). Lunettes (Giorgio Armani), montre « Reverso » en or (Jaeger-LeCoultre), bracelets (Dinh Van, Emmanuelle Zysman et Marie-Hélène de Taillac) et nu-pieds (Roger Vivier). Ceinture et panier vintage.
Blouse (Isabel Marant Etoile) et pantalon (Hermès). Bottines (Tod’s).
Pour Ines, liquette (Les Petites). Bracelets (Marie-Hélène de Taillac, Emmanuelle Zysman et Dinh Van). Bague en or et rubellite (Marie-Hélène de Taillac).
Pour Violette, chapeau (CA4LA chez Franck et Fils) et T-shirt (Swildens). Bracelets (Merci et Gas Bijoux) et bagues (Nessa by Vanessa Mimran). Sur le matelas (Tensira), coussins (Merci et Caravane).

Inès de la Fressange, la “Parisienne” in Provence.

If she has the gift of spice to all that is chic, it also has an eye for bargain hunting and good things to look at all the houses. Between thyme and rosemary, design and antiques, Ines welcomes us home, on the road to Tarascon.