martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

Anna Wintour’s home: fabulous Long Island hideaway fit for a Vogue editor

Anna Wintour, US Vogue editor-in-chief whom everyone thought is depicted as the boss “immortalized” in The Devil Wear Prada, has two Long Island home.

The wonderfully aged kitchen with weathered wood furniture is delightful.

With the same mossy tone, this corner is inviting in summer but perhaps a tad too cold for winter. But again, this is a summer home.

 Anna Wintour’s home library doesn’t seem to stock any Vogue issues. Love the French stripe sofa.

 A world map hangs above the floral sofa in Anna Wintour’s living room, combined with a ceiling fan, making it colonial-style.

Anna Wintour’s immaculate living room. As it’s a summer house, the fireplace isn’t used. The French country style armchairs and sofas are very attractive and evocative of a summer retreat.

It’s all about texture: linen, wood, seagrass, cotton and silk, all creating a relaxing vacation home for the famous Vogue editor.

viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

Ralph Lauren brings another gem to Soho

On one of the top ten beautiful days in New York, our fashion Royal Highness, Mr. Ralph Lauren has only moments ago opened another of his majestic gems here in Soho this morning.  I always have such a great time with his store openings.  Even after eight years with the company, I still herald in the glory of another opening.  It's always such fun to see the staff and employees who've worked so arduously on the store, decked out in the latest seasons garments.

Ralph Lauren
109 Spring Street
New York, New York

martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

Isabel Marant

Based in Le Marais, thirty-something Parisian Isabel Marant is one of the few designers who always looks like she really is having fun. Her favourite models Lana and Debra Shaw dance down her catwalks - staged everywhere from the Turkish quarter to the Avenue de Wagram off the Arc de Triomphe - wearing funky Tibetan shoulder bags, hippy bobble hats and long Mongolian furs.
After studying at the Studio Berçot design college in Paris, Marant found her fashion footing acting as assistant to Bridget Yorke at Yorke & Cole. She later worked with the likes of Chloé, Yohji Yamamoto and Martine Sitbon’s art director Ascoli, before setting up on her own.

 Her passion for cross-cultural designs can be attributed to her heritage: she is the product of a German mother, designer Christa Fiedler, a French father and an Antillean stepmother. For spring/summer 98, Marant stretched herself even further, designing her own ranges of jewellery, shoes, and bags.

 Isabel Marant, 3 passage Saint Sébastien, 75011 Paris. Tel: +33 1 49 23 75 40

viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

Industrial style in Sweden

Industrial style in Sweden, more and more people adopt this style of home furnishings, lamps large as old factories, pieces of iron, wood, large sizes, a good example here, enjoy it on this inspiration Friday!!

Photos: Jean-Marc Wullschleger.