lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Our top 10 (with the best tips and details that seem inspiring), a compilation of details that are worth seeing for our readers.

The classic old bathtub that we all dream of having a romantic and warm bath is a constant that more and more people include in your bathroom.

The wood that you can see, more and more people choose to expose the wood beside the old fireplace or stove, not hidden in special cabinets, wood today to add heat to the environment, giving a very special atmosphere.

A special room with wall lamps and benches that replace the night table.

Nobody can resist these adorable lamps for white candles that bring grace and elegance to the ambient.

Two things very chic for the bath, are of ancient rustic staircase to hang the towels and the old glass cabinet with all the items for the bathroom.

The plants in the bathroom as used in the eighties, back in a more minimalist and delicate way, filled the place of life and color.

The antique stoves are the most sought especially for houses in the countryside and the sea are of absolute beauty.

The branches are arranged with total elegance, includes the area with a beautiful sense of nature.

Having the floor ceiling and walls in pure white considerably enlarged the place and give a role to color objects, in a special way .

The house is color butter, is ideal for outside to inside, and contrasts nicely with the surrounding green.

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