viernes, 14 de octubre de 2011


Casa Chic is an innovative view of beauty and lifestyle with a new and enjoying philosophy: “chic” simplicity, as a new interpretation of the luxury.

It didn´t have a precise beginning date, as it began to grow through its owners who discovered the beauty of different natural spaces and incorporated them to their passion for the design, architecture and objects. Their authentic view of lifestyle to share and enjoy  spare time with family and friends.

CASA CHIC Home line

The “chic” comfort of design in objects and textiles provides pleasure and sophistication to the spaces we inhabit .

Tablecloths and Blankets. Crochet needleworks, with patch and corduroy velvet borders, with handmade and wool fringes with felt flowers.

Cushions. In different sizes, textures and colours, with details in fine laces and galloons.

Place mats and centerpieces. Poplin linen, plain and patterned voiles tablecloths. Fine laces appliqués. Centerpieces with retro look.

Tableware. Hand-painted bowls, dishes and glasses with different designs.

Soaps and oils. A delicate offer of soaps in very feminine and romantic little boxes. A variety of 15 fragrances with different oils and imported essences.

PALERMO SOHO - Tienda Boutique

El Salvador 4786
Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • +54 (11) 4897-2040

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