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Cecilia De Bucourt 

Cecilia grew up and finished her studies in Argentina. At the age of 14, she won the modeling contest for FORD Agency in her native country and she became the Argentinean representative in the international contest of "SUPERMODEL OF THE WORLD" which took place in U.S. Soon after the contest after turning 15, she was offered a modeling contract to work for FORD models in Tokyo, Japan.
At the age of 16, she modeled in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) for the period of one year.
At 17, she worked in Milan, Italy where she became the image for the Ad Campaign for Giorgio Armani. She did runway shows for designers like Valentino, Alberta Ferreti, Byblos, Blumarine, etc. Director Ottavio Fabbri offered Cecilia a part in an Italian movie and she made her debut alongside the greats Omar Shariff and Lea Massari in the movie called "Viaggio diamore"

At the age of 18, she moved to Paris and worked there for five (5) years in Karin´s model agency. In Paris she worked for the most prestigious fashion magazines like Elle, Vogue, Glamour, Harpers Bazaar and also did TV Commercials for brands like Renault, Wella, L´oreal, ALLURE (perfume by Channel).
At 23, she went back to Argentina where she started acting school, and was chosen to have her own fashion segment in a daily TV.
The fact that Cecilia traveled the world since the age of 14 and spoke four languages fluently, her mother who had an already very famous TV show back in Argentina, decided to incorporate Cecilia and they worked together for two (2) years.
When she turned 25, she went to NYC as she was offered to join ELITE model agency. While still modeling, Cecilia started working with young photographers doing the sets, styling, hair and make-up. All these experiences made her want to make her own clothes and decided to start attending classes at FIT in NYC. In New York is where she discovered her true passion: Fashion Design.
During her first year at FIT she started her line of clothes and sold it to Barneys NY, and few exclusive stores in NYC, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago. She continued designing season after season and getting more clients and at the age of 29 she had the opportunity to show her designs to ARDEN B. They became regular clients for years to come. In 2004, she designed exclusive pieces of handcrafted garments to GUESS COLLECTION. After her successful stint with GUESS and MARCIANO, Cecilia signed an exclusive contract with BEBE to develop, and design new products for the 260 stores of BEBE. This journey was extremely successful, and allowed Cecilia to focus more on building and growing her brand image of Cecilia De Bucourt.

In late 2006, Cecilia De Bucourt continued her venture solely in building her brand name. In the last year many celebrities have worn Cecilia´s designs, and Cecilia has been named the "Outfitter to the Stars". One to mention is the supermodel, and the icon of Victoria´s Secret, Heidi Klum. She adored so much the GLADIATOR TOP that got it in all colors.
More then seventy (70) stores worldwide carry Cecilia De Bucourt Collection´s, and the list keeps growing.

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  1. She is such a beautiful model and quite accomplished in her own right. Imagine at 14 leaving home to model...what a career she has had and she still has many years left.

    Thanks so much for sharing her story. :)