viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

Equestrian Style..

 The equestrian style is more and more fashionable and is adopted by more and more people who use it to decorate. It all started with Ralph Lauren in-store, he gave them an air of English Riding club, paintings of horses, and scenes of hunts , cups and trophies, then this the style is way to the decoration inspired by the old country houses of England and France, where countless amount of riding boots are left near the front door, always with fresh flowers cut into beautiful vases. Tasteful detail seizes the atmospheres that we see and seem to have years and years in place.

 But beware!, if the demand equestrian style, is something noble quality, leather boots and saddles, bronze in their trophies, oil on canvas, recreating scenes equestrian a success story to give more quality to the home.

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