viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2011

A house full of flea market finds!

 The run-down but charming house near Borås was a dream project for vintage crazy interior designer Johanna.
 Although I had just become pregnant again, we started to renovate the house from the ground up. It had been almost untouched since the previous owner and her husband built it over fifty years earlier. Since I am interior stylist and my husband Lulzim Gashi good amateur carpenter, we transformed the old building to the functioning of families with children villa with lots of white, sheet metal and worn parts.
 With three little boys in the family feels it is important to always be available, even when I work. Between the dining room and my work space in the living room, we used a windows partition, to create a more open feel.

Originally the house was 110 square meters. But in summer 2006, after our third son Nheo born, we built the 40 square meters on the south side. In addition, we built a large patio overlooking the water
in the north. The kitchen, which had previously been there dining there today, was moved to get closer to the patio with your morning coffee. At the same time, we moved several walls downstairs to get a more airy and better layout, and the old hall was transformed into bathrooms.

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