viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

Melbourne warehouse

Be inspired by silk-lined walls, glossy floors and glamorous fabrics
Diane Bergeron blends the approach of SoHo loft living with technicolour hues, vivd patterns and vintage elegance in her Melbourne home.
The textile designer, originally from New York, moved to Australia with her Aussie husband Peter in 2004 and bought a run-down warehouse in the Collingwood area.

'It was totally raw when we found it – no electricity, heating or plumbing,' says Diane. 'But it gave us the chance to create spaces that felt generous and floodlit, without being cold and sterile.'

As well as being the ultimate live/work space, it's a functional, flexible family home. Diane is able to manage her interiors business from a specially-designed office/showroom on the first floor, while the upstairs space can be low-lit and sensual for jazz and Martinis in the evenings. 

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  1. Love those bookcases! Just think, a wall of books!

    Nice look.