domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011

Francis Mallmann in Garzon Uruguay

Francis Mallmann’s Uruguayan Hotel is a Calm Culinary Paradise
Chef Francis Mallmann’s move to Uruguay’s rustic Garzón has transformed the one-time ghost town into a jetset hideaway. In 2004, the acclaimed Latin American culinary talent eschewed the glitz of his 1884 and Los Negros establishments (located in Mendoza and José Ignacio, respectively) to open El Garzón, a boutique hotel and epicurean restaurant.
 "Luna" is the dog of Francis, it rests between linen cushions

The old dishes brought by Francis from his travels to Europe

The nearby beach in the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean

The decoration of the boutique hotel Garzon
 Peace and tranquility in the Francis Park Hotel

 A delicacy of Francis

The magic is always ..

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  1. Beautiful place. I would love to visit and enjoy the sun and ocean.


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